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Meatless Meal Ideas

National Vegetarian Month is in full swing! Have you incorporated any meatless meals to your weekly schedule? Here are a few tips and ideas to help you join in with National Vegetarian Month.

  • A quick reminder: Decreasing meat consumption and increasing intakes of plant based proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables can provide our bodies with plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These nutrients help reduce our risk of many chronic diseases.

Why go meatless on a Monday? Well, it doesn’t always have to be Mondays, but designating a certain day of the week to cook a meatless dish can help with meal planning and grocery shopping. Check out these meatless meal tips that will help you create delicious plant based dishes.

  • Quinoa packs a protein punch and can be combined with any flavor. Make a big batch of quinoa for the week and incorporate your favorite mix-ins for a different dish each day. For a Mexican spin, add some beans, peppers, avocado and cilantro. For some Asian flavor, make your quinoa into “fried rice” with soy sauce, eggs, peas, and carrots. To get your Italian fix, add some pesto and mozzarella cheese.
  • Pasta is not just pasta anymore! Besides providing a dish with beneficial carbohydrates, pasta is now made from black beans, edamame, chickpeas, or lentils for some extra protein. Cook up some of this pasta and top with your favorite sauce, and why not add some extra veggies in too!
  • Soups and stews are perfect for incorporating everything but the kitchen sink. Cook up your favorite veggie soup or broth and add in veggies, beans, lentils, quinoa, potatoes, pasta…the options are endless to create a yummy and well-balanced meal. Slow cookers are great to create hearty stews – throw everything into the pot and let it cook!

So make the choice once a week to cut meat from your daily diet routine. Get creative with it and share your recipes below!

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  • October 15, 2018


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“Thank you for including me today in the food waste demonstration/[chef competition] and flattering me with the role of “judge.” I will proudly don the [Stop Food Waste Day] apron the next time I plan an “event” in our own kitchen. I think this is a very worthwhile cause and the statistics you read off are staggering. They, alone, can intimidate a home chef, let alone be the “driver’ for a professional one.”

“I would like to thank you and your staff for helping to make our Annual Holiday Party a Great Success.  You did an Amazing job from the décor, the food and the service you provided! I have heard nothing but great comments. As always, I enjoyed working with you and your team.”

“What a difference a top chef makes to student satisfaction and enjoyment of campus life!  At a recent boarding school conference, food was mentioned as a key retention method and it is really true. The comforts of home are found in good food and meals enjoyed with friends. We couldn’t be more pleased with the healthy and delicious daily options presented by our chef and his team. Frank even has a suggestion box, so he is always open to new ideas and he even offers cooking classes for our students!”

“I just wanted to give a huge compliment to the cook at Main Street. Today I had the Salmon Super Bowl and it was amazing!!!! Every day I go in there she always has something that looks too wonderful to pass up! Thank you for always having such a variety of food!”

“What a wonderful dinner we had tonight for our international families. The food was delicious and well presented as well.”

“What a night! You and your team rocked it and made us look like stars. Great working with you and know we will have more chances to work together on future events.”

“We appreciate the excellent service that is a hallmark of the Chadwick Culinart team. You all are such professionals - and you always deliver your service in such a pleasant manner! Thank you for everything you do to help make the Village events successful. We greatly appreciate your talents, efforts, and kindness.”

“Yesterday I ordered the special (Bloody Mary Burger) which was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted, [but] this e-mail is not to praise the burger.  Eating the burger reminded me of the great service, professionalism, the smiles, the knowledge and the great food that I have come to love each and every day.  Your team, who really work as a team, take their time to explain nutrition and meal ideas, and encourage healthy eating.  I wouldn’t change one thing about this crew. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for their hard work each and every day.”

“I hope you do the food service in heaven.”

“The dinner I had tonight at Forman was not only the best meal I have had at Forman in the entire time I have been here, it was the best meal I can remember having anywhere in a long time. [It] was a restaurant quality meal, and it added to the enjoyment that the two young ladies serving me could not have been more charming. What an energizing way to finish a weekend eating a dinner like that.”

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