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CulinArt Group Partners with Karp Resources to Grow Sustainability Platform and Mission


Karen Karp, owner and founder of Karp Resources.

Karen Karp, owner and founder of Karp Resources.

PLAINVIEW, N.Y —CulinArt Group is partnering with Karp Resources in an effort to increase its sustainability programs, partnerships, and activities across the company, following a number of years leading the dining services industry in working with clients on sustainability initiatives.

Led by Karen Karp, the team at Karp Resources is now in its second year of working closely with CulinArt’s President Thomas Eich, Director of Wellness Rachel Frank, and several on-site food service directors to gather baseline data and develop a strategic plan that will enable CulinArt to advance in the areas of procurement, waste reduction, energy and water use, education and more.

Making sustainability—an outgrowth of its existing health and wellness platform—a pillar within its mission allows CulinArt the flexibility to partner with clients looking to expand and intensify their own sustainability goals. At the same time, CulinArt continues to raise the bar and challenge itself on many sustainability issues often regarded as roadblocks in the contract dining industry.

“We are very aware, as a company, that sustainability is a journey, not a destination—Karen has imparted that to us. However, as the food industry continues to evolve, it is a paramount piece of the food paradigm puzzle and one that we embrace as we go to market,” notes Eich. “Not everyone everywhere is at the same place or pace, but we are committed to continuing to develop green dining initiatives that work towards a sustainable future.”

CulinArt has partnered with Karp Resources to increase sustainability programs.Based in New York and working nationally, Karp Resources has outlined a realistic and stepped approach for CulinArt in 2015 and beyond. “We want to remain cognizant of some of the obstacles for companies such as CulinArt,” says Karp, “Still, we feel we have provided a very real and highly achievable plan for sustainability leadership.”  Responsible sourcing is at the top of the list of CulinArt’s goals, with a first quarter review and revamp of CulinArt’s seafood purchases.  The company aims to shift 50% or more of its fresh fish purchases to follow Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program or be Marine Stewardship Certified, and has set a goal of 25% for 2015. Also on tap for 2015 is identifying more sustainable egg, poultry, pork, beef and produce suppliers.

Karp, with more than 25 years of specialty food retail, agriculture, and restaurant experience, has helped to build CulinArt’s sustainability mission on three pillars: food, stewardship and experiences. Karp explains, “Going forward, we will work with both CulinArt’s leadership team and on-site managers and chefs to develop practices that reflect the company’s growing commitment in all aspects of sustainability. From company-wide procurement decisions to client-site events that highlight responsible choices, to deeper partnerships with clients, CulinArt has a unique and exciting opportunity to advance sustainable behaviors both internally and for its clients.”

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  • October 29, 2014


What our clients are saying

“I wanted to take this moment to thank you and your staff for making the Athletic Celebration absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough great things about the event. The food was outstanding and the service was fantastic. Thank you for your help from start to finish.”

“I just wanted to give a huge compliment to the cook at Main Street. Today I had the Salmon Super Bowl and it was amazing!!!! Every day I go in there she always has something that looks too wonderful to pass up! Thank you for always having such a variety of food!”

“What a night! You and your team rocked it and made us look like stars. Great working with you and know we will have more chances to work together on future events.”

“I hope you do the food service in heaven.”

“The CulinArt team has been great to work with and has been super flexible. Having worked with other dining services at different institutions, having a dining team that is open to menu changes has been a great resource for our events. ”

“Many, and I do mean many, thanks for a great Parents Weekend.  I heard from so many happy parents and you all work very hard to make it happen.  In gratitude and kindness…”

“Yesterday I ordered the special (Bloody Mary Burger) which was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted, [but] this e-mail is not to praise the burger.  Eating the burger reminded me of the great service, professionalism, the smiles, the knowledge and the great food that I have come to love each and every day.  Your team, who really work as a team, take their time to explain nutrition and meal ideas, and encourage healthy eating.  I wouldn’t change one thing about this crew. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for their hard work each and every day.”

“I just wanted to send a quick note acknowledging the wonderful food and service provided by our new vendor.  The food was delicious and the students consistently commented on how amazing everything was.  What a difference! In addition, the staff and management were so easy to deal with – very professional.  They were punctual, responsive and attentive to our needs.  Thank you again for making a positive change to the quality of life of our students.”

“What a wonderful dinner we had tonight for our international families. The food was delicious and well presented as well.”

“With all the prep work from Winterim ramping up and classes continuing as usual, it's a busy time to be a Forman teacher. Imagine my delight, tired as I was, when I delved into the upscale-restaurant-quality chicken parmesan our dining hall served last night. Forman is all about support, and providing our students with a dinner of that quality is just as important a measure of support as anything that happens in a classroom.”

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