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Add More Color to Your Plate All Day Long

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut when it comes to food. We get comfortable with certain meals or choose ones that are easy and quick to prepare. Well, it’s time to become adventurous and add a splash of color to your daily meals. Try meal planning over the weekend or during a time that is a little less busy. This can help you prepare a grocery list of things you will need for your new colorful recipes. There are tons of new and exciting fruits and vegetables out there! Get ready to try some new foods – maybe you’ll find a new favorite.

Below are our simple tips to add color to each meal of the day.


  • Top oatmeal with fresh berries
  • Add greens to fruit smoothies
  • Fill up your omelet with peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms
  • Have a glass of milk with breakfast
  • Top pancakes with bananas


  • Add leafy greens to any sandwich or wrap
  • Munch and crunch on some carrots instead of chips
  • Use avocado as a spread
  • Load up salads with as many colors you can find!
  • Make a yogurt parfait layered with colorful fruits


  • Mash cauliflower into mashed potatoes
  • Sautee veggies and add to soups
  • Use citrus to marinade your fish
  • Replace white rice with brown rice for some added fiber
  • Top pizza with eggplant


  • Include a variety of dried fruit in a trail mix
  • Dip celery into hummus
  • Apples make a great grab and go snack
  • Banana and peanut butter has protein and healthy fat to keep you fuller longer
  • Add melon to cottage cheese


  • Enjoy berries and cream
  • Bake some zucchini bread
  • Whip up avocado brownies
  • Satisfy a sweet tooth with baked apples
  • Opt for chocolate covered bananas
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  • April 23, 2018


What our clients are saying

“I just wanted to express my thanks and give two thumbs up for the updates to our lunch menu. My selections have been quite tasty—corned beef Reuben, jambalaya—and I appreciate that, too! I am looking forward to trying some new items in the coming weeks. Keep up the good work!”

“What a wonderful dinner we had tonight for our international families. The food was delicious and well presented as well.”

“I’m the GM for Branson [Ultrasonics] and based in the Brookfield office.  This is the first week that the café has been up and running in our new headquarters and just want to acknowledge the great job Adam Schnittert and the CulinArt staff onsite have done.  Our employees’ feedback thus far has been very positive.  The expanded options and menu quality have been very well received.  Just want to send you a quick note of thanks.”

“I wanted to let you know that for this entire school year I have been so well fed! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all the diversity of salad choices we have each day and the amazing entrees.  My favorites are the carnitas, chili, curry, and cajun chicken days.  I am so grateful for all the care that goes into the food because I know I do not eat enough vegetables or balanced meals without you and your crew's work.  Thank you so much!  You take such great care of us!!”

“I wanted to recognize the individuals at the Valley Forge Site Café who have been supporting us throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.  I have been onsite at least a few days every week since June 2020 and I noticed that the team continued to provide quality and timely service for breakfast and lunch.  They effectively packaged the food to maintain CDC guidelines. Thank you!  ”

“Dear Chef Anthony: Hi! It’s the kids from Room 223 [and their teacher, Mrs. Smith]. We thank you for providing us with such great snacks and lunches! We know how hard you and your staff work. We have been talking as a class and we came up with some of our favorite snacks. We really love the brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and Scooby snacks. The soft pretzel bits are really good, too. Thank you again! ”

“Even though we see challenges every day, each one of you rises to the occasion and makes it seem so easy. I cannot express how impressive it is to see you all work in such a fashion. You are true professionals.”

“With all the prep work from Winterim ramping up and classes continuing as usual, it's a busy time to be a Forman teacher. Imagine my delight, tired as I was, when I delved into the upscale-restaurant-quality chicken parmesan our dining hall served last night. Forman is all about support, and providing our students with a dinner of that quality is just as important a measure of support as anything that happens in a classroom.”

“We can’t thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into getting this emergency shipment of water to our Waco, Tx office. As always, you guys pulled out all the stops and did everything possible to help! I know it doesn’t seem like much to you, but our employees in TX that need drinking water are truly grateful. I feel so fortunate to work with such true professionals. I think you set the bar that your competition wishes they could match!”

“Thanks so much for a great week of food here at SCH to start off 2021. Everything has been fantastic. The kids were loving the Chinese food and boxes today. The Moo Shu Pork was amazing. Great work!”

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