Health and Wellness

eat well. live well.
We encourage guests to maintain a healthy lifestyle—one that incorporates balanced food choices, regular exercise, and an overall attention to living well. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and so our approach to nutrition, and wellness overall, is holistic in nature and fundamentally based in education. CulinArt’s signature Eat Well program brings you dishes that meet strict nutritional parameters, taking USDA guidelines into account, but going a step beyond to ensure whole, minimally processed ingredients, prepared healthfully for a nutrient-dense meal. We use spices and herbs so that you get more of what you need—necessary nutrients, fabulous flavor, pleasing presentation—and less of what you don’t—salt, sugar and saturated fats.
Our Eat Well from-scratch creations contain:
  • Beneficial sources of fat including nuts, seeds and other plant sources
  • Less than 10{e5f76a1ea484fc42a2c415bda4ec5e43f7f40e32537b8535c76a142698160b94} of calories from saturated fat and 0 artificial trans fat
  • Less than 800mg of sodium per serving
  • Less than 8g of added sugar, the equivalent of approximately 2 teaspoons
  • At least 3g of dietary fiber per serving, with the exception of protein-based entrees and soups
To help you make the choice that is right for you, we have created an easily understood icon system to identify Eat Well, 500-Calories-or-Less, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options throughout your café. Look for these icons on menu boards and weekly menus to help guide your selections.