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Sustainability Tip: Reducing the use of Paper Towels

We have all been spending more time at home and probably using more single use plastics and paper products. The smallest household change, can lead to bigger worldly impacts. Today, we are focusing on paper towels, and here’s why:

  • The creation of paper towels uses a ton of resources like water and trees
  • Some paper towel brands are not biodegradable and produce gasses when broken down
  • Paper towels are not the only paper household item – these resources are also used to produce things like toilet paper and napkins

Here are some ways to start reducing the use of paper towels:

  • Kitchen Towels: microfiber or cotton towels absorb spills, clean counters, and dry dishes, just like paper towels! But, they are reusable! Throw them in the laundry and after a wash, rinse, and dry cycle, you have a good as new, clean kitchen towel to use again.
  • Keep Track: when something has become a daily habit – like reaching over for a paper towel – we stop acknowledging what we are doing. Try keeping track of how many individual paper towels are used daily, and how many rolls are used monthly. Make it a competition between family and friends, who can cut down their paper towel usage the most?
  • Old Rags: keep a collection of old t-shirts, towels, or rags to use when cleaning. Repurposing at its finest! Old cloths can also be used and washed and used again – reducing paper towel waste.
  • Make this Change Throughout your Home: keep hand towels in the bathroom and consider using cloth napkins that can be washed.
  • Eco-Friendly Paper Towels: not all paper towels are created environmentally equal. If you are set on using disposable paper towels, do some research for an eco-friendly variety.

Share with us how you have been reducing your paper towel usage! What are other things you are doing to make your home more sustainable?

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  • November 4, 2020



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“Thank you for including me today in the food waste demonstration/[chef competition] and flattering me with the role of “judge.” I will proudly don the [Stop Food Waste Day] apron the next time I plan an “event” in our own kitchen. I think this is a very worthwhile cause and the statistics you read off are staggering. They, alone, can intimidate a home chef, let alone be the “driver’ for a professional one.”

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