Our Culinary Values
A ‘food first’ company, CulinArt Group presents an exciting array of fresh meal choices and culinary innovations to meet the tastes of today’s students. We recognize the diversity in students’ appetites and nutritional needs, and works hand-in-hand with school administrators and our own on-staff registered dietitians to create mutually pleasing menus and food choices. At the root of CulinArt’s culinary philosophy are several core principles…
Scratch Cooking
House-roasted meats, hand-rolled dough, house-made soups and sauces, and more.
Food Safety
The highest standards of food safety through stringent safety and sanitation procedures, regular employee training, and HACCP compliance.
Plant forward cuisine
Focus on fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, including lots of leafy greens, and combinations of colorful fruits.
Cultural Diversity
Celebrating culinary heritage through traditional cooking techniques as well as modified healthier adaptations.
Whole Foods
Whole, minimally processed foods, including fruits, vegetables, and whole and intact grains.
Dietary Preferences
Meal options accommodate a wide range of tastes and dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-sensitive, etc.
Sustainable Solutions
Cage-free eggs, non-GMO dairy, antibiotic-free chicken, sustainable seafood, local/organic produce (when available), and fair trade coffee.
Culinary Certification
Training our staff to master their techniques and crafts through regular learning and development initiatives.
A la Minute Cooking Techniques
Fresh, small batch cooking, just before service to ensure the best quality and eating experience.
Local Vendors
Reducing our carbon footprint through primary vendor purchases from the tri-state area.