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New Lunch Services Resumes for in-person Lunch Periods

The following article is reproduced from the web site of Kellenberg Memorial High School.

by Brooke Federico

Oct. 21, 2021—CulinArt, the new company that Kellenberg has partnered with for its school lunch program, has improved the lunch service for this year’s renewed in-person lunch periods.

CulinArt offers a wide variety of foods from hot meals to snacks in the mini-market. The hot lunch section includes items such as pizza, chicken fingers, french fries, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, sandwiches, salads, and even sushi.

The mini-market features snacks such as chips, candy, cereal, granola bars, yogurt, and more.

Drinks, offered in both the mini market and the hot meals counter, include, among others, cranberry juice, lemonade, iced tea, milk, water, orange juice, Gatorade.

The new CulinArt lunch program offers a wider selection, faster service, and some tastier options.

Sophomore Valentina Papavero, who’s been attending Kellenberg since the 6th grade, says, “Between Latin school and high school the school lunches this year are by far the best.”

The payment for this service is also well controlled and efficient. It is under a program called MyKidsSpending and is offered to students to allow them to purchase items in the cafeteria from their student ID card which is with them at all times. To make a purchase, the ID is simply scanned by the person working at the register. Cash is also accepted; however, many find using their ID card easier. The ID card also allows the students’ purchases to be monitored by their parents.

As a daily lunch buyer, freshman Maria Contreras loves the cafeteria service. She said, “Using the ID card to pay speeds everything up. The first day the line was really long, but it moved really fast, so I was able to enjoy my Crispy Chicken Sandwich for lunch and still have my time with my friends.”

Sophomore Brooke Bowen, a pizza lover, looks forward to the CulinArt pizza, as she says, “Just about every day! Pizza, a granola bar, and a Brisk. It’s good food, and it fills me up. My lunch period is fourth period, so I don’t want to be feeling hungry at the end of the day.”

The Cafe remains open until 5 p.m. for students looking for a snack in the mini-market, or a place to do work or socialize.

CulinArt, based out of [Rye Brook], New York, is a complete dining service provider which serves 150-plus schools and businesses in 16 states.

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  • October 22, 2021
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What our clients are saying

“I will say that CulinArt has always been a very collaborative partner to T. Rowe Price, listening to our current needs and future goals and suggesting realistic and achievable strategies to meet those goals.  2020 was obviously no exception.  CulinArt also altered other areas of our OCS and pantry programs to create safer environments for all our associates. We can only thank you for your continued flexibility and innovative ideas through these difficult times.”

“I wanted to recognize the individuals at the Valley Forge Site Café who have been supporting us throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.  I have been onsite at least a few days every week since June 2020 and I noticed that the team continued to provide quality and timely service for breakfast and lunch.  They effectively packaged the food to maintain CDC guidelines. Thank you!  ”

“Dear Chef Anthony: Hi! It’s the kids from Room 223 [and their teacher, Mrs. Smith]. We thank you for providing us with such great snacks and lunches! We know how hard you and your staff work. We have been talking as a class and we came up with some of our favorite snacks. We really love the brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and Scooby snacks. The soft pretzel bits are really good, too. Thank you again! ”

“We want to take a moment to celebrate all the employees who worked on the front lines during unprecedented times. Your efforts and dedication to going above and beyond are noticed and appreciated. Thank you for being the heart and soul of CulinArt Group. We couldn’t do this without you. Chef Jay and Chef Paul have been so awesome in the Hubbell Café.  There has been significant change, but they take it in stride and keep the delicious food coming.  We truly appreciate them!”

“I just wanted to touch base as another school year draws to end. I cannot thank you enough for how smoothly this year went. Chef Felix [Herrera] and his staff made it seamless in a year with lots of wrinkles.    ”

“Thanks so much for a great week of food here at SCH to start off 2021. Everything has been fantastic. The kids were loving the Chinese food and boxes today. The Moo Shu Pork was amazing. Great work!”

“Just wanted to thank you and the team at Lake Success for taking care of us for my daughter's birthday. I figured the event was going to be straight forward, but it felt like the event was treated with just as much care and attention to detail as a wedding or other big event, which was very much appreciated. You anticipated everything that we needed and are so capable, bravo! The party was 10x more beautiful and lovely in reality compared to how I imagined it, thanks to you guys.”

“We appreciate the excellent service that is a hallmark of the Chadwick Culinart team. You all are such professionals - and you always deliver your service in such a pleasant manner! Thank you for everything you do to help make the Village events successful. We greatly appreciate your talents, efforts, and kindness.”

“You know that I haven't been home (India) for a long time now.  I miss my mama, I miss the food, I miss the smells, I miss the people. Starting yesterday, I started to smell my mama's kitchen at Parker.  I KNEW something Indian was brewing; I could smell the garam masala!  Thank you for the delicious tofu curry.  It made my belly and soul happy.”

“I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you guys are doing with the lunch delivery to Pratt [Street]!! I order from CulinArt each day that I am at the Pratt office and it’s been great every time. The food is delicious – especially the soups! It’s so nice to have consistently good food without having to worry about leaving the building. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work!”

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