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Recharged Rooted vegan cuisine concept debuts at Stony Brook University

As published in Food Management, March 5, 2021 – CulinArt has added new menu options focused on wellness and sustainability at its Rooted 100% vegan platform at Stony Brook University.

Rooted is an existing station concept operated by management company CulinArt at Stony Brook University in New York. This spring, the concept was enhanced with new dishes that play off what was being offered at the nearby Chef’s Table station, but with a vegan twist, so Rooted’s three-week menu cycle includes global cuisines such as Indian, Middle Eastern, African and many other regions and countries around the world.

Also new is an extension of the Rooted station called Plantiful Table that incorporates the options of a salad green, grain and “energizer” component such as beans, lentils, seeds and various toppings, so instead of simple side salads, students can have staff build composed salads with only the items they enjoy, thus limiting food waste and the use of additional plastic containers.

“We added the Plantiful Table and new Rooted recipes to incorporate more plant-based beginnings into student lifestyles,” explains Laura Martorano, MS, RD, CDN.  “A student can be a flexitarian, vegetarian, carnivore or just someone who wants to eat healthier, and it enables them to have more choices.”

The approach of using staff service to construct the customized salads is a necessity given the current environment, she adds.

“Self-service salad stations were removed because of COVID restrictions, so it is nice to be able to offer a customizable salad station again in these challenging times. I felt that adding composed salads back into the dine-in program was important because it enables students to be creative with their meals and it offers a plant-base start to any meal.”

The recharged Rooted was developed in response to customer demand, Martorano says.

“Each semester the Faculty Student Association collects feedback about student preferences through our online feedback forms, social media channels, QR codes in the dining locations and students connecting with dining managers at the location. The fall semester has shown that many students are looking for tasty ways to add more plant-based foods into their diet.”

Rooted offers two different entrée choice specials for lunch and dinner each day while Plantiful Table has different greens, grains and toppings each day.

Rooted and Plantiful are available at both campus dine-in locations.

“I like offering different menu items at each location so there is more variety on campus,” Martorano offers. “It can also be a motivating factor for the students to get more exercise by walking across campus, especially with many classes being online!”

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  • April 14, 2021
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What our clients are saying

“I have really appreciated the wonderful cafeteria staff we have via Culinart and the thoughtful meals they provide our kids. They're truly one in a million. I have also really appreciated the dedication Parker and CulinArt share to sustainability and green practices on campus. I am so thankful that Parker has chosen CulinArt, a company that shares Parker values, and that they took the time and effort at such a hard time to make sure that Parker is always on the forefront of green practices and safety - never compromising.”

“Even though we see challenges every day, each one of you rises to the occasion and makes it seem so easy. I cannot express how impressive it is to see you all work in such a fashion. You are true professionals.”

“Many, and I do mean many, thanks for a great Parents Weekend.  I heard from so many happy parents and you all work very hard to make it happen.  In gratitude and kindness…”

“What a wonderful dinner we had tonight for our international families. The food was delicious and well presented as well.”

“Thank you and your staff for all the care and thought you give CSW adults and students. You approach events with such care and elegance- I don’t know how you do it! Especially day after day. Please thank all your staff for their wonderful work and kind manner with all of us. Here is to a great year!”

“We want to take a moment to celebrate all the employees who worked on the front lines during unprecedented times. Your efforts and dedication to going above and beyond are noticed and appreciated. Thank you for being the heart and soul of CulinArt Group. We couldn’t do this without you. Chef Jay and Chef Paul have been so awesome in the Hubbell Café.  There has been significant change, but they take it in stride and keep the delicious food coming.  We truly appreciate them!”

“We are so thankful and so impressed by your immediate attention to our power outage. It was such a relief to see all the equipment and workers coming in within a few hours of the outage. Thank you for serving dinner to all [the] students in a very difficult circumstance. Please extend our thanks to your workers who braved cold weather to grill hamburgers and hotdogs.”

“Thanks so much for a great week of food here at SCH to start off 2021. Everything has been fantastic. The kids were loving the Chinese food and boxes today. The Moo Shu Pork was amazing. Great work!”

“With all the prep work from Winterim ramping up and classes continuing as usual, it's a busy time to be a Forman teacher. Imagine my delight, tired as I was, when I delved into the upscale-restaurant-quality chicken parmesan our dining hall served last night. Forman is all about support, and providing our students with a dinner of that quality is just as important a measure of support as anything that happens in a classroom.”

“I will say that CulinArt has always been a very collaborative partner to T. Rowe Price, listening to our current needs and future goals and suggesting realistic and achievable strategies to meet those goals.  2020 was obviously no exception.  CulinArt also altered other areas of our OCS and pantry programs to create safer environments for all our associates. We can only thank you for your continued flexibility and innovative ideas through these difficult times.”

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