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East Coast

175 Sunnyside Boulevard, Plainview, NY 11803

(P) 516.437.2700 (F) 516. 437.6680 

Delaware Valley/Greater Philadelphia

97 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA 19355

(P) 610.644.1500 (F) 610.644.0500  

Rocky Mountain

11333 N Scottsdale Road, STE 205 Scottsdale, AZ 85254

(P) 480.661.1010 (F) 480.661.4111  

West Coast

501 West Dyer Road, Santa Ana, CA  92707

(P) 714.430.6060 (F) 714.430.6068   

Executive Team

Joseph H. Pacifico

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2724

Fax: 516-390-2724

Thomas R. Eich
President, COO

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2744

Fax: 516-390-2744

Vincent Stracquadanio

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2734

Fax: 516-390-2734

Steven Pecoraro
Division President, West Coast

Phone: 714-430-6060 Ext. 116

Fax: 714-430-6075

Dan McGill
Division President
Delaware Valley-Greater Philadelphia

Phone: 610.644.1500 Ext.114

Fax: 610-644-0500

Tom Familetti
Division President
Delaware Valley-Greater Philadelphia

Phone: 610.644.1500 Ext. 102

Fax: 610.644.0500

Julius Sacco
Division President, Rocky Mountain

Phone: 480.661.1010

Fax: 480.661.4111

Business Development

Bob Kelly
VP, Business Development

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2748

Fax: 516-390-2748

Department Management

Michael Pitkewicz
VP of Human Resources

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2727

Fax: 516-390-2727

Vincent Stracquadanio

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2734

Fax: 516-390-2734

Peter Klein, Director of Culinary Development

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2725

Fax: 516-390-2725

Ali Bernardi, VP of Marketing & Brand Strategy

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2738

Fax: 516-390-2738

Leonard Spier, Director of Corporate Purchasing

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2777

Fax: 516-390-2777

Said Moustakim, CNA, CNE, MCSA, MCSE, MCP

Senior Director of Information Services & Technology

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2750

Fax: 516-390-2750

Rachel Frank, Director of Wellness

Phone: 516-437-2700 Ext. 2746

Fax: 516-390-2746

What our clients are saying

“Just want to take a moment to thank you for running such a great kitchen. It’s been a huge benefit to have such a delicious and various assortment of foods to choose from, all without having to leave the building. I’m always amazed at the daily variety and the quality of food that is offered. The cafeteria has made my food choices as easy as can be.”

“"I'd like to just begin by thanking you for being IMMENSELY better than your predecessors. The food has been lightyears better and even more importantly I find that your staff actually enjoys being here doing what they do!!! I don't even know if I could start my mornings without Stacy and Marcus (and the rest of the gang too!!!) because of the great experience and wonderful food that they help provide for us. Thanks CulinArt!!!"”

““The 8th grade and I want to say thank you for all the hours and effort you put into feeding us and keeping us healthy since way back in November. Your food and love and support are ALWAYS amazing. We love you!””

“All the food available today looked and smelled delicious. [What] I had was fantastic. Thank you and welcome to Fort Worth. We are excited to have you here.”

““I hope you do the food service in heaven.””

“What a night! You and your team rocked it and made us look like stars. Great working with you and know we will have more chances to work together on future events.”

“I just wanted to give a huge compliment to the cook at Main Street. Today I had the Salmon Super Bowl and it was amazing!!!! Every day I go in there she always has something that looks too wonderful to pass up! Thank you for always having such a variety of food!”

““What a difference a top chef makes to student satisfaction and enjoyment of campus life!  At a recent boarding school conference, food was mentioned as a key retention method and it is really true. The comforts of home are found in good food and meals enjoyed with friends. We couldn’t be more pleased with the healthy and delicious daily options presented by our chef and his team. Frank even has a suggestion box, so he is always open to new ideas and he even offers cooking classes for our students!””

“I just wanted to pass along that since CulinArt has taken over, the quality and flavor of the food is the best it has ever been in the last 29 years that I have worked at JSC. I recently have had a few of your hot meals and they are absolutely delicious! You actually put seasoning in the meals and the veggies! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for the high quality and tasty food. Keep it up!”

“Yesterday I ordered the special (Bloody Mary Burger) which was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted, [but] this e-mail is not to praise the burger.  Eating the burger reminded me of the great service, professionalism, the smiles, the knowledge and the great food that I have come to love each and every day.  Your team, who really work as a team, take their time to explain nutrition and meal ideas, and encourage healthy eating.  I wouldn’t change one thing about this crew. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for their hard work each and every day.”

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