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In the private school sector, CulinArt maintains a contemporary approach to the school dining center – from exhibition cooking to sliced-to-order delis to afternoon “fuel for fitness” snack programs.

CulinArt is a leader in private school dining programs, serving esteemed day and boarding schools throughout the country. Never a cookie-cutter, and always an innovator, we pride ourselves on the passion of our people, our staunch commitment to wholesome, nutritious meal preparation, our stringent sanitation and food safety programs, and our dedication to serving the students of these schools well, each and every time they sit down to eat.

CulinArt similarly understands that environmental stewardship is important to the educational development of students. Going beyond simply environmental awareness, CulinArt is a true partner in our schools’ sustainability missions. Together, we want to be environmentally innovative, instructive, creative, and proactive.

Culinary Innovations


CulinArt presents an exciting array of meal choices and culinary innovations to meet the tastes of today’s student – everything from hearty entrees and international cuisine to vegetarian and vegan meals; pizza made with low-fat cheeses and whole-grain, fresh house-prepared dough; and a “downtown deli” program that features paninis, wraps and traditional and signature specialty sandwiches (to name just a few of our dishes).

CulinArt recognizes the diversity in K-12 appetites and nutritional needs, and works hand-in-hand with school administrators and our own on-staff registered dietitians to create mutually pleasing menus and food choices. CulinArt is a staunch proponent of the USDA’s MyPyramid for Kids program, reminding students to be physically active every day and to make healthful food choices based on the food guide pyramid.

Wellness Solutions

Today’s K-12 kids have very sophisticated palates. As such, we strive to provide menu choices that go far beyond chicken nuggets and fries. Our chefs create well-balanced and exciting offerings to nourish young bodies and minds. Our registered dietitians ensure that menus meet state USDA guidelines, but also make recommendations that go above and beyond. Together with school administrators, school nutrition committees, and parents, CulinArt works to provide solutions that are tasty and nutritious. Extensive staff education on special dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and other allergens) is part of each school’s back-to-school training program.

In addition, our Wellness Department takes an active role in helping to educate our children on the benefits of healthy eating. Through hands-on recipe creation, interactive workshops, take-home worksheets, and classroom lessons, children receive an outstanding supplemental nutrition education. Educational information (through café tips and lectures) always strives to send a positive message about food by reinforcing the power of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains – versus focusing on numbers.

Sustainable Solutions


CulinArt is committed to adopting sustainable foodservice practices in all aspects of our operations – not just for the benefit of our clients and ourselves, but also for the betterment of private school students. We firmly believe that food can and should be incorporated into the educational process. Involving the students in activities that range from recycling and composting to on-campus gardening and even visiting farmers’ markets goes a long way toward achieving that goal. Our dining hall menus feature locally grown produce and our kitchens recycle plastic, glass, and cardboard from food packaging. Paper napkins, cups and cutlery for carryout are made from sustainable resources.

Toward that end, CulinArt offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for private schools that can be deployed in operations based on the goals and priorities of our private school dining clients. We believe that programs should be modular, scalable and dynamic to meet the needs of our clients as well as changes in the marketplace. Indeed, CulinArt’s growth emanates from the ability to assist our clients in moving their greening efforts forward by adopting sustainable practices such as local sourcing, on-campus gardening, recycling and composting, among other tasks.

Marketing Solutions

Effective marketing strategies are essential to every successful dining program, even those in private school institutions. They’re needed because the students, faculty, and staff in today’s independent schools have more dining options available to them than ever before. And, if you want to keep their lunch dollars on-campus, then you have to have a marketing strategy in place to attract and engage them.

At CulinArt, we have professional marketing solutions that can help your school create and implement the targeted campaigns it needs to generate excitement about its particular dining program. We take into consideration the school’s culture, spirit, environment, student preferences, and more to create custom marketing solutions that are unique to each client.

From limited-time promotions and daily specials to themed events and more, CulinArt’s proven marketing solutions attract more customers while enhancing the revenue potential of your private school’s dining program.

Technology Solutions

CulinArt Group Corporate Dining Technology SolutionsParents choose to send their children to private schools because they want them to receive the best education possible. In terms of quality, private schools are expected to provide their students with the best curriculum, the safest learning environments, and the highest-quality dining services as well.

One way CulinArt helps our private school clients achieve their culinary goals is through the advanced technological solutions we bring to our dining programs. We utilize powerful web-based applications that enable your food service team to meet the ever-changing needs of your students, staff, and guests with ease, all while increasing productivity and overall efficiencies.

CulinArt’s Dining Service Technology Solutions for Private Schools include:

  • Cashless Payment Systems – Our cashless payment systems gives your diners more financial freedom and flexibility, which translates into increased revenue potential for the school.
  • Digital Menu Boards – Digital menu boards can be programmed in real-time to attract and inform students, faculty, and staff about that day’s menu.
  • Web-Based Accounting Software – Our easy-to-use web-based accounting software program allows for unit-level financial reporting. The data is relayed instantly between the private school’s dining service and our corporate office.

CulinArt makes it easier and more affordable for private schools to enjoy fresher foods, greater customer satisfaction, and improved quality control. With our accounting software, you can expect accurate budgetary management for food costs, labor costs, inventory control, forecasting, and more.

Food Safety

Any high-volume kitchen needs to follow certain food safety practices and protocols in order to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their workers and diners. This includes kitchens used in private school dining service programs. At CulinArt, our dining programs utilize best-in-class food safety practices that strive to exceed all local safety and health inspection standards. Our food safety protocols are engaged behind the scenes, but they have a major impact on the overall satisfaction of your students and staff.

The success of any dining service starts with exceptional ingredients, but in order for those ingredients to be transformed into delicious dishes, a safe and clean food prep area needs to be maintained at all times. CulinArt excels in this area because we don’t compromise on food safety. Our practices include:

  • Monthly Safety Training and Development Workshops that are mandatory for all food service personnel
  • ServSafe® certification accredited by the National Restaurant Association
  • Registered ServSafe® Instructors are available in all of the areas we service
  • All safety initiatives and programs are inspected and supervised by our Director of Food Safety
  • All safety initiatives are qualified by our Regional Safety Coordinators before they are implemented
  • Fresh foods are selected and purchased strictly from approved vendors who are regulated by federal, state, and local laws
  • Fresh foods are inspected by our vendors prior to delivery, and then they’re inspected again by our team members before preparing and serving
  • All team members, at both the management and associate levels, are trained in ServSafe®/HACCP procedures, which include proper temperature control (receiving, cooking, cooling, and serving), storage, and personal hygiene
  • All team members wear specialized safety footwear from Shoes For Crews, the leading provider of safety footwear for the hospitality industry

CulinArt also has a partnership with our insurance carrier, in which agents conduct regularly scheduled risk assessment inspections in order to detect and resolve potential safety issues before they arise.

Financial Solutions

FinancialSolutionsPrivate schools have a fair amount of independence in their approach to providing services to students, but at the end of the day, budgetary guidelines must still be met. At CulinArt, we assist in this endeavor by providing proven financial management solutions that are specifically designed for the unique needs of our independent school clients.

CulinArt specializes in providing the private school sector with customized, high-quality food services that excel at meeting the individual culinary needs and budgetary requirements of each of our clients. CulinArt’s integrated financial management solutions are proven effective and designed top-to-bottom to help you achieve your food service goals without compromising your budget.

Cafe Design Consultation

Private and independent schools provide top-level instruction in safe and friendly learning environments. There’s no reason why their dining services shouldn’t follow similar standards. At CulinArt, we have the resources and professional partnerships necessary to transform your school’s dining facility and culinary programs into a true representation of your school’s culture.

CulinArt handles it all, from concept to construction. We have well-established partnerships with some of the country’s leading architects, designers, contractors, and equipment retailers and this enables us to design and create technologically advanced and aesthetically beautiful dining facilities for our private school clients.

CulinArt has a full suite of design services which include:

  • Schematic Design – Our professional design partners create inspired designs that address prime dining facility issues in full, including traffic flow optimization, visual appeal, and workspace efficiency.
  • Concept Development – Every project’s concept is developed and managed by a team of professional marketing managers, operational executives, and consultants with vast experience in private school food service trends and program development.
  • Equipment Layout – Our trusted vendor relationships enable us to equip your kitchen with quality products that best suit your school’s culinary needs.
  • Construction – We have management personnel onsite during the construction process for easy-access, point-of-contact support.

What our clients are saying

“Even though we see challenges every day, each one of you rises to the occasion and makes it seem so easy. I cannot express how impressive it is to see you all work in such a fashion. You are true professionals.”

“We are so thankful and so impressed by your immediate attention to our power outage. It was such a relief to see all the equipment and workers coming in within a few hours of the outage. Thank you for serving dinner to all [the] students in a very difficult circumstance. Please extend our thanks to your workers who braved cold weather to grill hamburgers and hotdogs.”

“I just wanted to send a quick note acknowledging the wonderful food and service provided by our new vendor.  The food was delicious and the students consistently commented on how amazing everything was.  What a difference! In addition, the staff and management were so easy to deal with – very professional.  They were punctual, responsive and attentive to our needs.  Thank you again for making a positive change to the quality of life of our students.”

“What a difference a top chef makes to student satisfaction and enjoyment of campus life!  At a recent boarding school conference, food was mentioned as a key retention method and it is really true. The comforts of home are found in good food and meals enjoyed with friends. We couldn’t be more pleased with the healthy and delicious daily options presented by our chef and his team. Frank even has a suggestion box, so he is always open to new ideas and he even offers cooking classes for our students!”

“We appreciate the excellent service that is a hallmark of the Chadwick Culinart team. You all are such professionals - and you always deliver your service in such a pleasant manner! Thank you for everything you do to help make the Village events successful. We greatly appreciate your talents, efforts, and kindness.”

“Thank You for once again going above and beyond to ensure that our programs are a success. Your willingness to customize menus as well as provide your expert guidance to develop a well-rounded selection of offerings is what keeps us coming back! The food is always exceptional! Our programs would not be a success without the CulinArt team!”

“The dinner I had tonight at Forman was not only the best meal I have had at Forman in the entire time I have been here, it was the best meal I can remember having anywhere in a long time. [It] was a restaurant quality meal, and it added to the enjoyment that the two young ladies serving me could not have been more charming. What an energizing way to finish a weekend eating a dinner like that.”

“I hope you do the food service in heaven.”

“Just a note to let you know that you ROCK! You always pour yourself into [The] Webb [Schools] to make the dining experience the very best it can be. I’ve been hearing such positive things about the food quality this year – something I hope you feel really good about. And it is times like this with the Coronavirus that leaders truly emerge. You have been unbelievably accommodating in making last minute changes to how we serve, etc. and all else we do in the dining hall and I just want you to know how much I deeply appreciate your devotion to this special community. You are a key part of it – you model beautifully the very best of Webb. So thank you!!”

“The CulinArt team has been great to work with and has been super flexible. Having worked with other dining services at different institutions, having a dining team that is open to menu changes has been a great resource for our events. ”

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